My Family



Fall of 2014

Left to Right Front:  Katie and Sal,

Left to Right Back:  Taylor (TJ), my husband Matt and Jake.



My Wonderful Family in 2009

Back Left To Right: Katie (Daughter), Jane (My Sister), Brett (Brother In Law), Jake (Step Son), Matt (my Husband), Sally (me), Taylor (Son).

Front Let to Right:  Colin (Nephew), Kaye (Mom), Larry (Dad), Brendan (Nephew)

My Dad passed away on Father's Day 2013, but we know he is watching over us everyday! He is our special angel now! Dad used to watch the daycare kids with Mom when I needed them to for an appointment (etc) and I am thankful for the many years he was able to do that for me! He was an amazing person and loved by all!


Now Some More Recent Pictures. :)


Our 2014 Graduate!



                  Katie on her 1st day of 8th grade this year!               



Our Graduate!

June 7, 2014 my son Taylor (TJ) graduated from John Marshall High School. We are sooo proud of him! He lives with us and is planning on starting RCTC In January.


                        3 Generation Picture (one of TJ's Senior pictures)                                                One of TJ's Senior Pictures I took

                        Left To Right: Sal, Taylor (TJ) and My Mom, Kaye


TJ's Graduation Party             



              TJ and Grammie (My Mom)                                                      Most of our Little Family

                                                                                                         My Husband, Matt, our Daughter, Katie, my Son, Taylor (TJ) and myself.

                                                                                      (Jake, came later and we forgot to get another family picture)



Never Fear!

The Guinea Pigs do NOT come out of the cage during daycare hours. 

They are never allowed on the carpet or to run around inside our house. Sally is allergic.

They have a "Kennel" outside that they get exercise in after daycare hours!

Below are "Spooky" (Aka Pooka, Pookie) and Princess Buttercup (Aka Prin, Priny, Prin Prin)