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My Daycare!









Some Of Our Projects




               Our potato with eyes craft                                                 Our kidney bean plants



         July 2009 Tye Dye Shirts We Made                                  2011 Tye Dye Shirts We Made


The Birdfeeders We Made






Miss Kristin Our Music Teacher!




Summer Fun!


Going through our Sprinkler/Car Wash!


More water fun!


  Our yearly Daycare Thanksgiving  




Our Wall Growth Chart!

We take pictures next to it to see how we've grown!

Though the kids love to measure themselves almost daily, we do it once a month or every two months and then share the pictures with the parents.

      Our Good Manners Wall



 Please note, we're in the process of "changing" things in the playroom as we've got many creative ideas!

We do school in the playroom, but they like to do it upstairs too sometimes. The kids love to play "restaurant" in the playroom and they like to play "school", among other things. Because there is plenty of room, we have naptime in here (Ages newborn to 2 nap in pack n plays in other rooms), and an occasional movie. We do exercise time and dance time down here and Miss Gloria (our Spanish Teacher) and Miss Kristen (our Music Teacher) have their classes in the playroom also. 

Our beauty salon is a popular item!

   Dress Up And Dance Time!




Here is our Rescue Hero Command Center, our monster truck, car, airplane, garage, a few of the items the kiddos like to play with.


Our Guinea Pigs!

Our older pig is black and white and her name is "Spooky" (because she tends to be like that, she's a scaredy pig though she thinks she is the top pig of their cage haha),  we also call her "pooky" and "pooka" and other names. Our other pig is brown and white and her name is "Princess", though  originally she was "Buttercup" and then "Princess Buttercup" and now she's just "Princess". Of course we have many other names for her too. They do NOT come out during daycare hours though. But the kids still get a  kick from watching them (their cage is  on top of the entertainment center) eat, drink and run around the cage and LOVE listening to them  "wheek" as they call it, when they want a carrot, green pepper or cucumber!

We have a "Pig Pen" on our deck that we let them run around in (not when I am doing daycare of course) in the evening that my husband Matt built for them.